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GAMBLER is the son of "FC-AFC Black Water Rudy" who qualified for 8 Nationals and his dam is "Sunnyview's Reddy to Run MH". Gambler has a ton of drive with great style in the field. He is a beautiful, strong and athletic labrador. He has excellent trainability and is a calm, well mannered house dog. 

akc Labrador Retriever SR87285806     3/2015

COWBOY is the son of "TRULINES WILD SON MH QA2" Cowboy's bio coming! :)

akc Labrador Retriever SR39489201     12/2006

gambler full tilt mh

Happy young hunter with JACK pup, "Maggie".

JACK is the son of "Quincy's Hightest Repeat SH" and his dam is MH "Jacob's Hermione". He is a great dog with a huge heart, whether he's inside the house or out in the field. He throws gorgeous puppies with beautiful heads and their Daddy's heart of Gold. Athleticism and desire to spare.

akc Labrador Retriever SR49301504     04/2008

muddy waters revival sr. hunter "jack"

TRIGGER is the son of 2011 National Amateur Field Trial champion "Cody Cut a Lean Grade FC AFC NAFC" - His dam is a 4 time Master National Hunter. Trigger has extreme natural talent, very smart and quick to learn. He has a wonderful temperament and playful, loving nature. He's a favorite with Kinnaman Retriever fans and is producing beautiful, smart, well tempered puppies.

akc Labrador Retriever SR73187906     03/2012


In Your Home & On the Field.

kinnaman's field jaeger "trigger"

Our AKC Labrador Retriever Stud Dogs are physically handsome, certified against genetic

faults and have proven themselves in competition and in the field hunting. Their desire to

please, athleticism and drive is second to none. They are gentle natured, never aggressive,

family labs. They excel in intelligence and trainability.